Wow, that's heavier than I thought!

Yes it is! We use an 11 gauge mild steel, about the thickness of a nickel, while many other companies use 16-18 gauge.

Can I put your products outside?

All of our products arrive to you already clear coated with an automotive 2 part clear coat. We do recommend that if you do place the product(s) outside that you check it every 6-12 months and reapply a clear coat, found at your local hardware store. Being outside in the elements- rain, wind, sun etc this can break down the clear coat and cause the piece to change or possibly rust.

You actually do this...

Yes, I, me, Nicole actually does this. Every show we go to the people are always asking, who does this work? They are surprised when they find out I do. I will give some of the credit to my husband, he helps me out when things get to extreme!

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