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Our finishes

Our finishes

LAG Metal Worx finishes are a work of art in themselves. This finish is not like paint. There will not be just a straight color such as black, etc in the Patina colors.  Most of the time we can get the same "Shade" of patina requested. But there are many factors as to the end color: Humidity, Time left on, and sheet of metal all play a huge factor in this all. Even when we use the same patina name one may pull more hues of Blue and Purple while another piece pulls more browns. This process makes every piece a beauty of its own that will never be repeated! 

LAG Metal Worx just started using a Dye that we airbrush on to get a few of your solid colors. These will also have some variants due to the metal, grind pattern, etc. 

Once the coloring is applied we use a spray on clear coat. This clear coat helps protect the metal as well as the coloring. Our pieces are made for indoors as well as outdoors. While clear coat will break down over time and weathering we ask that all pieces be checked and repeat a clear coat yearly if needed. 


No two are exactly alike therefore color Shade chosen may vary. Color may vary due to lightening while photo was taken.

Halo- has brown with hues of possible blues and some purples

Gray- darker gray/silver finish 

Copper- has that warmer feel

Flame- has hues of purple and blueWe have now added our Dye Stains that are airbrushed on Such as Red for the Kansas City Chiefs Arrowheads. 

 We have sold thousands of pieces in the last 5 years and people love the uniqueness and quality of our signs. We can not thank you enough for the support we have been shown! God has truly Blessed us!